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Gemini’s team of plumbing engineers can carry out works in professional manner in time bound programme.

As Public Health Engineering (PHE) is a vast subject with lot of emphasis on Environment, Health and Safety (EHS). EHS is becoming more and more critical for our customers with the growing shortage of water, increasing demands from MOEF for recycling and the increase in the number of standards made applicable by regulatory authorities. This makes developing optimal and economical PHE designing quite a challenge.

Gemini takes pride in designing PHE services for all types of buildings – residential, commercial, luxury hotels, hospitals, large-scale townships and industrial complexes. Our designs are optimised solutions which are economical, ensure low operating costs and are easy to maintain. To achieve this, we maintain a continuous search for new technologies and combine these with time-tested solutions to create 'comfort-with-value' solutions.

We develop PHE designs following a few basic guidelines:

  • Resource conservation
  • Low Initial and operational costs
  • Value addition through cost-effective efficient materials and technology
  • Stringent following of statutory and standard codes
  • Environment, Health and Safety considerations
  • Site-specific, Innovative thinking

Broadly our PHE & Industrial Design Process include the following:

  • Hot water generation and distribution system
  • Steam generation and distribution system
  • Sewage system, Treatment and Reuse
  • Storm water management
  • Rain water harvesting and recharging
  • Fuel yard and supply system
  • Solar water heating system

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