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With a rich experience of handling diversified hotel construction projects, Gemini brings phenomenal services to the clients. Building a grand hotel isn’t a cakewalk. It needs a supreme knack of coordination with several agencies including building material suppliers, designers, construction engineers, commercial builders and so on. Since we are one of the leading providers in the market, you can assign the task without any hesitation. We guarantee that you get a finely built hotel that becomes the symbol of hospitality with a style. High levels of perfection and great construction makes it a grand success. Since cost is the biggest inhibiting factor, team Gemini tries hard to finish it in the least possible time.

Whats make us different?

Our team reviews your construction documents and offer top-class inspection services to ensure there is no compromise with construction standards. We use efficient and cost-effective techniques to reduce the financial burden. When the task is assigned to the proficient team of us, there is no scope for substandard work at all. We know that only the best-built hotels attract the best gentry. Hence, every aspect of our work is carried out from the single point agenda of supremacy.


About us

Gemini is in the business of rendering specialized consulting services for various engineering streams. We go and touch every sphere of life – right from Structural engineering, Mechanical engineering & Electrical engineering.

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