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Gemini's core Lighting Design Knows no Boundaries.

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Gemini has helped to pioneer specialist lighting design into the field of architecture.

Much like the discipline and its recognition, we too have grown, matured and expanded our horizons.

Our design team comes with a combined and invaluable experience of over 10 years in architectural lighting discipline. Our team of design professionals come from diverse disciplines such as architecture, engineering, graphics and lighting.

The Ergonomic factor is also assessed to ensure the lighting solutions are not disturbing the occupants. The ergonomic factor is critical to the success of your lighting.

Customers irrespective of the size of your construction project, there is always a need for an expert lighting consultant. Installation, maintenance and upgrade of lighting become unbelievably easy when you hire Gemini, with a fleet of highly-skilled professionals, you will be offered lighting solutions that are cost-saving and sustainable. You bring down the project cost and save considerable money. Innovative and attractive lighting solutions stand out your premises distinctly.

Experts at Gemini understand your lighting needs first. They use their creative and innovative ideas to make it unique, yet economic. Inspirational lighting solutions need a thorough research of the nature of the project, lighting requirements, feasibility and availability of the required stuff. After assessing all these aspects, the best solution is selected that most closely matches your requirement.

Since the team has a rich experience of conceptualizing numerous lighting projects from start-to-finish, carrying out another project is another opportunity of proving their excellence. Aesthetics should not be compromised, but there has to be a check on the cost at the same time. Our team completes this tough task with immense confidence and bring out phenomenal lighting solution for your project. Each project is like another milestone!

Broadly our Lighting Design Process include the following:

  • Interior lighting design
  • Exterior lighting design - building feature lighting and external area lighting
  • Lighting equipment design input
  • Concept visualization
  • Environmental planning services including lighting impact studies, planning application analysis & light pollution control
  • Lighting control systems

About us

Gemini is in the business of rendering specialized consulting services for various engineering streams. We go and touch every sphere of life – right from Structural engineering, Mechanical engineering & Electrical engineering.

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