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Loss of life and property due to fire has the potential to break a business. Therefore, fire protection strategies must go beyond the ‘minimum requirements’ specified in the building codes and standards.

The fire protection strategies should further go to include protect human resources in whole, protect the building in whole or in part, minimise the interruption in business and speedy recovery from a fire disaster.

Gemini has specialized teams consisting of qualified engineers who carry out research and identify appropriate fire safety requirements for the project based on the unique needs of the project, develop appropriate solutions and approaches that integrate various building systems into a comprehensive fire protection and life safety package for the project.

Our fire protection design services are delivered by specialists who have worked as Enforcement Officers within the Fire and Rescue Services, ensuring compliance with regulatory, legal and business specific requirements of the projects.

Broadly our Fire Protection Engineering Design Process include the following:

  • Fire Pump System Design
  • Hydrant System Design
  • Standpipe System Design
  • Sprinkler System Design
  • Water Supply Analysis
  • Fire Alarm System Design
  • Smoke Management System Design
  • Fire Suppression Systems
  • Special Suppression Systems
  • High Expansion Foam System Design
  • Code Consulting
  • Occupancy & Fire Hazard Analysis
  • Fire Risk Assessment
  • Fire and Life Safety Consulting
  • Structural Fire Engineering
  • System Failure analysis
  • Plan Review Services

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Our motto is to make your organization safe from fire hazards. Since our team is experienced and specialized, it can assess and evaluate risk more accurately. They evaluate the threat more accurately and suggest cost-effective solutions accordingly.

Within a short time span, Gemini has acquired great reputation for its supreme service quality and incredible customer support. It carries out each project with supreme seriousness so that customer satisfaction is guaranteed. It is the secret of our success!

Gemini’s fire performance experts are a highly specialized team within teams. We combine this specific knowledge on fire protection and safety codes, with a full range of capabilities to ensure a high level of safety standards across all our multisector projects.

Our fire performance services encompass code research, risk assessment, evaluation of proposals, option costing, client representation and building services inspections.

We go beyond just meeting the stringent local requirements or international building codes. Our experts offer ongoing technical advice that covers independent audit, due diligence, commissioning tests, evacuation strategies and protection programmes.

We offer a comprehensive package that precludes the need for several consultants, and have helped clients to oversee and manage the design of large-scale fire safety systems for super high-rise buildings to mega mixed-use developments, airport terminals and complex, underground stations. This broad experience and strong relationships with local regulatory bodies have helped cut down the red tape and delivered significant cost savings for clients.

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Gemini is in the business of rendering specialized consulting services for various engineering streams. We go and touch every sphere of life – right from Structural engineering, Mechanical engineering & Electrical engineering.

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